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Fuzzy Hearts Rescue

fairfield bay Animal Shelter

po box 1183
fairfield bay, Arkansas 72088-3120
Phone: 501-208-4160
We have been in rescue for over 14 years, we feel that each animal deserves a chance at a happy healthy safe life. We hold a HS certificate for prevention of animal cruelty, we are part of the Aspca advocacy brigade.

No pets found on this shelter

Directions and map

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Fuzzy Hearts Rescue is located in fairfield bay, Arkansas where today's temperature will be between 46.4℉ and 51.8℉, sunrise 13:14 and sunset 23:27.

fairfield bay is known for pet friendly attractions like Narrows Park, Woodland Mead Park, Hill Creek Recreation Area, Fairfield Lanes, be sure to take some time with your new pet and visit these places.

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