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Four tires and fuel

dogpatch Animal Shelter

HC 73 Box 75
dogpatch, Arkansas 72648
Phone: 870-688-5868
This is an animal rescue for mainly disabled and anti-social animals. I have done rescue work for 30 years. I have trained some of these dogs to work as guide dogs (I am disabled), search and rescue dogs and tracking dogs. Some of these dogs have accompanied me to natural diseaster sites to work rescue. These dogs and cats were deemed unadoptable by society, but thru much hard work and patience I have intergrated them back into a social situation, with much success. YEAH ME ;)

No pets found on this shelter

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Four tires and fuel is located in dogpatch, Arkansas where today's temperature will be between -5.81℉ and -0.41℉, sunrise 17:15 and sunset 02:54.

dogpatch is known for pet friendly attractions like be sure to take some time with your new pet and visit these places.

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