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Feathers And Tails Avian Santuary & Rescue

athens Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 2839
athens, Texas 75751
Phone: 903-677-5803
What started with obtaining a single cockatiel for a companion has turned into a full-time effort to care for and place birds that we have acquired through family, friends and total strangers.

Birds have come to us for many reasons; behavioral issues, physical or health problems on behalf of the bird or the owner, or perhaps financial issues.

During our recent relocation to East Texas, our facilities were expanded to provide segregation of size and species. We maintain a population of macaws, cockatoos, cockatiels, conures, and love birds as permanent residents.

Upon receiving a new arrival, a 30-45 day quarantine is implemented to assess the individual needs of the bird. This gives the staff an opportunity to observe the behaviors of the bird, and determine if he or she qualifies for an adoption program. During this quarantine and observation period, disease testing is performed to confirm that the bird is free of communicable disease, then the new bird is placed into the general population consisting of its own species. If it is unique among the population, it is placed in its own enclosure.

If the bird passes all the restrictions placed on the adoption program, applicants are screened, home checks are performed and references are checked on prospective adoptive families. We take our time to ensure we have a good match between bird and family.

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