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The Rottweiler
Strong, but Gentle, Fearless, but Loving, a Good Companion - the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler gets its name from the German region of Rottweil. But the breed’s ancestors weren’t natives to the Teutonic area. They arrived in the area of what is today known as Germany centuries ago, when the Romans decided to conquer this part of Europe. Back then, the dogs were used for herding and protection.

The Russian Bear Schnauzer
The Russian Bear Schnauzer – Cold With Strangers, Warm With Family

The Black Russian Terrier, also known as the Russian Bear Schnauzer, is a breed created in the former Soviet Union using over 20 other breeds, mostly imported from Germany. This breed was made initially for the military and is designed as a working dogs.

The Shih Tzu
the Shih Tzu

“The toy dog with a chrysanthemum like face” is what the Chinese breed called Shih Tzu is also known as. It is believed that this small dog was loved by the Buddhist monks for its resemblance of a lion, a sacred animal in this culture.

The Small Swiss Hound
The Small Swiss Hound – "A Lot Of Hunter" In A Small, Friendly Package

The Small Swiss Hound, or the Schweizerischer Niederlaufhund, is a dog breed originating in Switzerland, at the bigining of the 20th century.

Animal Shelter details for Animal Umbrella, Inc.
Please visit Animal Umbrella, Inc. and adopt a homeless pet

You have reached the shelter page for Animal Umbrella, Inc.. Animal Umbrella, Inc. is located in acton, Massachusetts. If you have information to add or update for Animal Umbrella, Inc., please click here and let us know.

Animal Umbrella, Inc.

P.O. Box 2675

acton, Massachusetts 01720

Phone: 617-731-7267


Founded in 1986, Animal Umbrella is a statewide, volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, spay/neuter, adoption and overall welfare of homeless cats and kittens in Massachusetts.

Since 1986 we have:

* Spayed/neutered several thousand cats.
* Adopted thousands of cats/kittens through our shelter & network of volunteers.
* Responded to thousands of rescue calls from concerned animal lovers.
* Educated the public on animal welfare issues such as:
1. Importance of spaying/neutering in controlling cat overpopulation
2. Overall cat care/owner responsibilities
3. Abandonment
4. Cruelty
5. Humane alternative placement solutions for animals considered unadoptable.
* Networked with other humane organizations and animal lovers to find homes for abandoned animals.
* Continued to work on the following programs:

1. Spay/neuter/release of street cats (when there is no space in our shelter and when they are cared for by an animal lover)
2. Low cost spay/neuter for responsible/concerned owners (for animal not adopted from Animal Umbrella since our cats are sterilized prior to adoption.)
3. Socialization of feral cats and kittens.
4. Placement in special homes of adoptable animals (e.g. handicap, old age, behavior, FIV or FLEV positive)

* Placed animals with special care needs in foster homes (due to injury, nursing age, illness, or lack of space at the shelter)

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Animal Umbrella, Inc. Location

Below is a map for Animal Umbrella, Inc., please call for specific directions.
***Note: PO Boxes will not show correctly on the map below.

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Jenny Buchanan Is a Male Dog who currently lives in North Carolina.

Adopt Jenny Buchanan Now
Animal Shelter Facts
Did you know that in six years, one female dog and her offspring can theoretically produce 67,000 dogs.

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