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Animal Aid of SW Michigan

st joseph Animal Shelter

Animal Aid of SW Michigan

P.O. Box 407
st joseph, Michigan 49085
Phone: 616-934-7729

I know, that's a dramatic statement, but it's true. When I was just a puppy, my tummy ached all the time, and I had to "go" a lot. Sometimes, if no one let me outside, I "went" in the house. So, my owners took me out in the car one dark night and abandoned me on a deserted stretch of road in the country. I won't bore you with all the unpleasant details about how desperately scared and lonely and hungry I was, or how I was taken in by some people who didn't really want me. Then, Cindy of Animal Aid found my real family (they didn't even know how much they needed me until Cindy called them!). They took me for a ride, too, but it was to see Dr. Woof, who petted me and praised me and gave me some medicine for my tummy. Here I am, almost a year later, healthy, happy (muddy from playplayplay in the rain!), and an important member of my own pack with my Man, my Woman, and my adopted Dalmatian brother, Domi. I still have nightmares about being on a dark road, scared, sick, and alone, but wake up wagging because I'm HOME. Thank you, Cindy! Thank you, Animal Aid!"

WHAT IS ANIMAL AID? Back in 1979, a small group of dedicated volunteers got tired of hearing how "someone should do something" about injured, abused, and neglected animals in their area, so they banded together to be that "someone." Animal Aid was born.

It isn't easy going out at midnight to pick up a stray dog who's been hit by a car, or trying to rescue a homeless cat with a new litter of kittens from an abandoned house, but these volunteers do it week after week, year after year. Animal Aid has no shelter, so some volunteers provide caring foster homes until adoptive families can be found.

Animal Aid's entire funding comes from donations, memorials, and yearly events such as the Springtime Auction, the Mutt March in August, and the Christmas Open House/Raffle in December, but they still manage to provide medical treatment, innoculations, and spaying/neutering for all of the animals they help. Volunteers also find the time to try to educate the public on proper pet care and the importance of spaying/neutering all pets.

Animal Aid volunteers have discovered that one person really can make the difference between misery and joy, death and life for an animal. And what does one animal matter in the grand scheme of things? Just ask Dillon!
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