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How To Bathe Your Cat
How To Bathe Your Cat Without Bloodshed Even though they are not known to be the greatest water fanatics, cats are not known to have a hygiene problem, as they keep themselves relatively clean.

Teaching Your Puppy New Tricks
Fun Ways Of Teaching Your Puppy New Tricks

Teaching your little friend some new tricks can be a lot of fun if you practice the right approach. We all know that, in any learning process, there cannot just be "all work, no play", so do keep this in mind when trying to teach your puppy some fun tricks.

Of course, there are the basic commands of "sit", "stay", "come", "down", and those are very important, yet maybe you should not underestimate the actual benefits of teaching your puppy some cool tricks as well.

Remedies for Cat Allergies
Remedies for Cat Allergies

Our love for these furry creatures has created a nation of cat owners, unfortunately millions of people deal with cat allergies everyday. The bad news is that a cure for cat allergies has not been found and that the best remedy to a pet allergy is avoiding being close to that pet.

What Classifies as Animal Abuse
Animal abuse or cruelty is any act which results in the harming of an animal, whether it is intentional or through negligence. This includes a personís own pets.

Cat adoption results

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Tabby - Orange Cat

STIMPY the Cat needs a home

Stimpy arrived with his brother, Ren. They were both found in a ditch poor little guys. Stimply is fun, playful and truly enjoys snuggling with his brother. Both are irresistible and charming. We are asking, hoping and wishing that Ren and Stimpy can remain best buds and be adopted together. They will love ya 'fur'ever!!!! Guaranteed!!!
Stimpy is up to date with his shots.

Animal: Cat
Breed:Tabby - Orange
Size: Small
Gender: Male
State: Wisconsin
Zip: 54451

As of 9/23/2014   STIMPY is still available for adoption. Please use the owner information below to confirm that STIMPY is still available or to adopt one of there many other pets needing a fur-ever home.

Click here for the details for TAYLOR COUNTY WI HUMANE SOCIETY where STIMPY is currently living.

Click here for other pets for adoption by TAYLOR COUNTY WI HUMANE SOCIETY

Owner Information

Name: Deb Kennedy
Phone: 715-748-6750

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Nikki Is a Female Dog who currently lives in Florida.

Adopt Nikki Now
Animal Shelter Facts
Did you know that All cats have claws, and all except the cheetah sheath them when at rest.

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