A Great Family Dog

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The Boxer breed is known to be a very family-friendly dog and they enjoy being around people. You should treat them as family members. Never underestimate their need for human companionship; this is one of the most notable traits of this breed.

A Great Family Dog

The Boxer is happiest when in the company of people. When a Boxer is happy, his whole pelvis moves when he wags his tail in delight. A Boxer can adapt to any environment as long as there are people for it to interact with. They love to be your shadow; most owners constantly trip over them. Boxers are very intelligent and are quite capable of participating in any family adventure.

You should accept them for what they are and give them sufficient time to show how you loyal they can be. They are very sensitive animals and you should never strike them (or any other animal for that matter). Boxers are gentle with children and love to play; they are always ready for a romp or game. You should introduce your Boxer to your children early, as this will help to bond the Boxer and child together and help prevent jealousy from either one. You will find that the Boxer will be protective of the child and grow up acting as a guardian. Some owners have even found their Boxers love to be around children more than adults. They are good-natured, accept friendly strangers, and will calmly suffer the pokes and prods which many children dish out.

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