Basic dog grooming tips

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Brush your dog often.
Brushing your dog's coat will stimulate oils in his skin and help to keep it moist and healthy. Brushing will also prevent matting of your dog's coat. Brushing is also a great way to show your dog how much you love him. Brushing also eliminates dead hair in your dog's coat, which contributes to shedding.

Cut your dog's nails.
One way to keep your dogs nails short is to walk him often, but you should still remember to clip your dog's nails on a regular basis. Be careful - if they are cut too short, they can bleed and sting, which will cause your dog pain. Groomers usually charge a little less than veterinarians to cut nails, but either should be able to provide the service at a reasonable rate. If you believe your dog will be aggressive when getting his nails cut, it is probably best to take him to the veterinarian.

Basic <b>dog<i> grooming</i></b> tips

Give your dog a bath regularly.
Buy only dog shampoos and conditioners and make sure they come from pet stores, and do not use flea and tick shampoos unless your dog needs them. They will dry out your pet's skin. Be sure to rinse your dog thoroughly, as leaving soap on his skin can lead to problems. Bathing a dog with knots and mats will not make them go away. It will only worsen them, so be sure to eliminate these before or immediately after the bath. When drying your dog, you can use a hair dryer, but remember to use low heat. Dogs are often sensitive to burning, so keep this in mind while adjusting water temperature. Bathing your dog will cut down on the number of fleas & ticks. By washing away dead hair, regular bathing reduces shedding of your dog's coat.

Keep your dog's ears clean.
You can accomplish this with dog ear cleaner purchased from any pet store. Put a small amount of ear cleaner on a cotton ball and swab the outer surface of the inner ear. Keeping your dog's ears clean and dry will significantly reduce the chance of ear infections and ear mites. Ear wipes are also available from any pet store. Dog groomers and veterinarians can also clean your pet's ears for you. Many long-haired dogs grow hair in their ears, which need to be pulled or trimmed to prevent ear infections. This hair can be gently pulled out with hemostats. Most people leave this to their groomer or vet.

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