Interesting Cat Facts

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What may seem just another furry pet to most is in fact a living encyclopedia, and to get you convinced, we have collected a few cat facts we found interesting:

Interesting Cat Facts

Cats vs. people:

* Just like people have unique fingerprints, cats have unique noseprints. The pattern of a cats nose ridges is unique.
* The cats hearts beat twice as fast as ours.
* Cats can read their masters moods and change their behavior accordingly.
* Ailurophilia is the human condition residing in extensive love for cats.
* Adult cats only meow at people, never at other cats.
* Pet owners live longer, under less stress and are less likely to suffer heart attacks.

Cat facts regarding the tail:

* Domestic cats are the only ones that can hold their tails in a vertical position while walking. The wild ones walk with their tails between their legs or horizontally.
* A quivering tail is a declaration of love.
* A thrashing tail is a sign that your cat is angry and ready to scratch.
* Waging tails are a sign of internal conflict. Your cat cannot decide what to do.

Cat reproduction:

* Cats have 2-3 litters per year of 1-8 kittens each.
* Throughout its reproductive life, a cat can have up to 100 kittens.
* Bluebell, a Persian cat, brought to the world 14 kittens on the same litter.
* 420,000 kittens can be born in seven years out of one pair of cats and their offspring.

Scientific cat facts:

* The cat body is formed of 290 bones and 517 muscles.
* Three cat body types are known: cobby, muscular and foreign.
* The cat door was invented by Sir Isaac Newton.
* Cats have five vertebrae more than people.
* Cats have a body temperature around 101.5 F degrees.

Guinness cat facts:

* A cat named Dusty, from Texas, brought 420 kittens to the world.
* Puss, from England lived for 36 years, dying on the day after her birthday.
* A cat named Mincho survived for six years and had three litters without coming down from a tree in Argentina.
* Towser from Scotland managed to kill 28,899 mice throughout its life as a rodent controller.
* A pair of cats inherited $415,000 in the 60s. A white alley cat received an inheritance of $250,000.

Cat colors:

* White cats symbolize good luck, while black cats quite the contrary.
* Cats sight includes colors.
* Just like some people, cats see red as green and green as red, and shades in between.
* Cats only need a sixth of the amount of light people require and they can see up to a distance of 120 feet.
* A cats peripheral vision covers 285 degrees.
* The cats eyes color changes as it grows.

Of course, the lists could continue, but we hope this was enough to awake your curiosity and get you learn as many cat facts as you can, especially since some of them will serve you well on your path as a cat owner.

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