Dog fencing options for gardens

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Keeping dogs out of the garden is easy enough, it just takes a little planning. Your options can range from complicated and attractive to simple but not particularly aesthetic. Chicken wire is easy to set up and it works to keep puppies out of the garden. All you need to do is unfurl the roll and attach to the stakes placed about one foot apart. If you want to go a step further, you can use wire, or hurricane fencing, it comes in different lengths. Wire fencing is put together in the same way as chicken wire.

Dog fencing options for gardens

Go for the wire fencing if you need a fence right away. In an hours time, you can have your entire garden protected. Also, wire fencing can be used to protect plantings in immature garden beds. First, form the fencing into a hoop, and then attach it at either side of the bed. The plants can grown through the wire, yet the puppy cannot reach the plants roots. Fencing materials are readily available at any hardware or garden supply store, and putting up any of the wire fencing methods is an easy afternoon job.

However, chicken wire and wire fencing are not attractive, so some gardeners/pet owners decide to go for nicer fencing—all wood or wood/cyclone fencing combination. Some people even splurge for sculptural iron or Grapewood fences. There is a big difference in price and time commitment, but they all work.

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