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You?ve reached a point in your life where you know the next step is to adopt a dog. Who doesn?t love furry friends that will love you unconditionally for as long as you both shall live?

But the difficult part comes when you start deciding whether or not to adopt a dog or cat from an animal shelter for a small adoption fee or buy one from a pet store or breeder.

This decision can be really difficult when you start to look at the reasons why someone would want to buy rather than adopt. Some might say they know the conditions from which the animals came from if they buy the pet from a breeder. Alternatively, they say they know the breed rather than guessing what a shelter dog or other animal might be mixed with (gasp) ?vicious? breeds.

Dogs for Sale?popular signs that are posted around neighborhoods, on social media, and even in pet shops. But have you ever really considered the benefits of adopting an animal from a shelter?

There so many great reasons to adopt a pet rather than buy a pet from a store or breeder. Let?s dive into them right now!

First, let?s consider the age-old question: How much will that cost?

Buying a pet from a pet shop or breeder can run you anywhere from $500 to $1,000+. This, alone, would be a reason for me to strongly oppose buying a pet! These costs can vary in reasoning?vet bills, grooming, boarding, breeding, etc? the list is almost endless. However, when you decide to adopt from a shelter, you are guaranteed vaccines, micro-chipping, and neutering, and the cost is usually somewhere between $50 and $125, including the small adoption fee. You might even get really lucky and hit a day when the shelter is offering free adoptions. Score!

Let?s take a look at life expectancy and vet costs for a mixed breed vs. a pure breed. There are quite a few benefits to having a purebred dog (i.e. ease of mind knowing the exact breed, showmanship, behavior). But what some usually forget is that purebred dogs have a tendency to cost more in vet bills and don?t live quite as long due to health problems. These health problems and major vet bills are not typically seen in mixed breeds.

For example, a purebred Chocolate Labrador can experience painful skin rashes, extreme issues with yeast in their ears, and require special food that can cost upwards of $90+ for each bag! When you adopt from a shelter, you will most likely find yourself choosing between the cute brown and white mixed dog in cage 1 or the strong white and black spotted mixed puppy in cage 2. These dogs will mostly have fewer health issues and cost you less money in the long run.

Dogs for sale are usually sold when they are just tiny puppies?barely old enough to be away from their moms. But, lucky you! When you adopt from a shelter, you get to choose the age of dog you want! You can even opt for an adult dog, if that is your preference.

You won?t have to go through the pee pads and accidents all over the house. You won?t lose your favorite pair of shoes to a teething puppy. You?ll will have a more calm and relaxed adoptable dog to sit on the couch with you at night watching your favorite TV shows.

Alternatively, if you want a puppy to grow with you and your family that is your choice too! The beauty of adoption is it is your choice what age you want to adopt!

v Adopting a dog, rather than buying, brings down the market demand for puppy mills where a large percentage of dogs for sale come from. If the number of people looking for dogs for sale goes down then the puppy mills cannot survive! Buying a dog supports those puppy mills, and we can all agree no one wants to support them! Adopting means you give puppy mills less power and give the shelters back the power they deserve!

One of the biggest myths circulating around about adopting pets from a shelter is that they all have been rescued from abusive situations and may still have behavioral issues. This is simply not the case! As with any situation, there may be dogs at the shelter who have experienced abuse and show behavior issues, but that is not the case for the majority of the dogs there. There are absolutely dogs in the shelter that have excellent behavior and will be perfect for your family! Simply asking the questions about prior history from the shelter staff will help you get a clearer picture of the dog?s past (they may say they are unsure or unaware of issues?this is good to know, too).

And the last, but most importantly, you get to save a life! Dogs for sale will be sold eventually. But a dog at the shelter is not guaranteed much time to make its case for adopters to choose them. When you adopt from a shelter, you get to save that dog?s life forever! What an incredible feeling. There is no greater feeling than walking out and knowing you saved a life of a dog that wasn?t guaranteed tomorrow!

And, of course, the look those dogs give you when you walk out of the shelter with their leash in your hand is priceless. Their smiles say it all (and, yes, dogs smile). Their tail wags and doggy kisses will let you know just how grateful they are that you took a chance on them and brought them into your safe and loving home!

All dogs deserve a chance, whether sold or adopted. But, it is time that our society took back control from the puppy mills and brought companions home from the shelter! You know it is time for you to bring home that special little furry friend so take some time to look around your local shelters. See which furry friend is waiting for you at their gate.

And, with all that money you?ll be saving you can take Buster for an amazing pampering session (smell good shampoo and a cute bandana?what else do you need?).

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