ID Collars for Your Pet

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ID Collars for Your Pet

Not all collars for dogs are the same, but all of them serve the same purpose, that of exercising control over your pet. This is, however, not about being a control freak, but about the security of your dog. And what better way to protect your favorite canine friend than to buy him or her an ID collar? That way you can easily find the dog or have him returned easily in case he ever gets lost.

Each year, thousands of dogs get lost from their owners. Some never return, while others end up in an animal shelter after which they are euthanized. This could all be avoided if dogs would have identification (ID) collars around their necks. An ID collar contains things such as the owner?s, home address and telephone number. They are just like normal collars, except for this tag. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever not to put an ID tag on your pet. In fact, it can save you a whole lot of heartache.

If your dog already has a collar, what?s your excuse in not getting him a tag? Laziness? If he has one and is comfortable with it, a tag won?t do anything to undo that comfort. Most of these tags also look cute on him. They come in many shapes and sizes, the most popular one being the bone shapes one. There are also collars that function in tandem with a microchip. That way, not only can a dog be found more easily, you can also pinpoint his or her location with added precision. Most animal shelters even have readers for these kinds of chips and collars.

Microchipping your dog isn?t very expensive either, so such a method might actually come in handy. The procedure is easy and painless for your pet, and is done by a professional vet. Taking all these necessary precautions is a must if you don?t want to be among those that lose their dog each year. It?s a great idea, it is easy to do and is inexpensive. Think about it! What can you possibly lose, apart from a few measly bucks? If your dog gets lost, that money will probably be spent on a brand new one. Still your new dog won?t be the same as your old one. When you form a bond with a previous dog, it?s hard to let go afterwards. Besides, if you lose a dog of a very rare breed, replacing him will be very expensive. But we shouldn?t talk about money. Any responsible owner will think about his pet?s safety first, and then about possible expenses.

Buying a collar is one of the most important purchases for your pet, so why not make sure it also features an identification tag? If you don?t trust us on this one, then trust the thousands of dog owners who have ID collars and they will tell you how much trouble it has saved them. So be a responsible owner and ID your dog!

Cat Tags

There is actually no point in even wondering why a tag for your little furry friend is not only cool, but quite necessary: it is basically your cat?s safety net. Whether it is an elegant, sparkling tag from some place fancy, or maybe a homemade one carrying also all your love and affection with it, cat tags are very recommended. It is well known that cats are curious little fellows, and even though they have nine lives, it?s pretty sure that you would not want to risk any one of them.

It is of course advisable to keep your furry friend inside the house, but accidents do happen. So maybe a window that was left open, or maybe the pizza guy who hung out a little too long for his tip and left the door open in the meantime?there are various situations that can tempt your feline friend to take a step into the unknown adventure outside the house. That is why she should wear a cat tag. If she loses its way back home, it is most likely that someone will find her and bring her home to you. There is also the danger that if your cat is not wearing one of these tags, she could be mistaken for a stray and taken to a shelter.

So now that you know the importance of a cat tag, what exactly is it that one of these things should have on it? An answer to that would be: your name, address, and of course, a telephone number, or maybe even a spare one in case you may not be available. Then you should also make sure that all this info is in fact readable and not all scratched out; also, update this information on your cat?s tag if it changes at some point.

How will you actually choose a cat tag for your furry friend? Well, that may not be as easy as you think, as you have just so many options. If you?re sort of an undecided person, this may actually be the hardest part for you. The good news is that these cat tags are not expensive, so you can get to be as picky as you wish. Local pet stores typically give you the option of choosing the shape, size, engraving on your cat tag, and they make it in just a matter of minutes (not to mention that it can cost as little as 6 USD or even less).

You can, of course, mail-order a cat tag if you wish at animal shelters or vet clinics. They come in all shapes and sizes - some of them even glow in the dark. There is also the high end ones that you can order in specialized boutiques if you want to go all out. Or, to challenge the other side of the coin, you can make one yourself if you feel handy and artsy.

As a conclusion, a cat tag is certainly very important for your pet?s safety, so no matter where you decide to purchase one, it will ensure that your furry friend will spend her life exactly where she belongs: by your side.

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