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Knowing how to properly feed your dog isn?t NASA material, but you?d be surprised on how many dog owners get it wrong. Many of them just assume that a certain type of food will do the trick and don?t give it much thought.

Sure, many of them feed their dogs with different types of meat and canned food from the market, and it?s true that it is fine for many dogs, as they don?t exhibit any symptoms of disease or conditions that should worry their owners. Still, just because the dog looks happy on the outside this doesn?t change the fact that an unbalanced diet can have hazardous results for the pet?s health later on.

Treatment is good, but prevention is even better! When it comes to dog food, proper nutrition is key and you need to know where to start. When you buy or adopt a dog you should go and have him checked at the vet. This is an important first step to make.

Finding out about any types of diseases or conditions before you begin its diet is very useful information. For instance, some dogs are more prone to obesity than others and it is best to know this early. But before you dive into the science of nutrition, you should first learn about what you should not feed your dog. Let?s start with table scraps. Most of these leftovers are either unhealthy (such as fats) or have poor nutritional value, making them inadequate to eat. Besides this, you are teaching your dog a bad habit by making him or her eat leftovers, and you will find your dog bothering you at the table or eating, or licking your plate when you?re not looking.

Feeding your dog table scraps is a bad idea and is disapproved by both nutritionists and professional trainers. Another mistake is to overfeed the dog. This is one of the most common errors when it comes to nutrition, and many dog owners unwillingly make this, either because of misinformation, ignorance or laziness. Never fill a dog?s bowl more than it needs to be. Some owners do this because they are too lazy to fill it each time the dog has to have its meal. So, they fill the bowl and let the dog decide the amount he wants to eat. This is a surefire way for the dog to become obese.

So avoid these two bad habits and make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise. When feeding time comes, you should know the first rule: never feed you dog too many fats. If you do this, the dog will more than likely develop heart problems. Also note that the diet of a dog is primarily made out of meat. Try to avoid pork and instead give him turkey, lamb or beef. When giving him canned meat, experiment with dry and wet food, and even try alternating these types. Always consult with your vet before starting any kind of diet.

There are more and more brands of dog food on the market. Some are cheaper, some are more expensive, and others are incredibly expensive.

It is difficult to rank them just judging by the brand, as there are several types of food. Some may be good in dry food, others may be good in canned food, some in treats, some in raw food and the list can continue. Next to these we have the special diet foods, puppy food and many others.

There are some brands that sound so familiar to everyone that they might rank them higher in the top, like Pedigree. Seeing many commercials on TV and everywhere might lead you to think it could be the best brand on the market when it comes to dog food. But actually, the best ones on the market might be the ones that do not advertise themselves that much, but are highly recommended by vets and breeders.

When it comes to putting the best brands on paper, as said before, it is difficult to rank them, but you can surely get a list with the best ones on the market.

Our top choices are:

Acana ? this brand is a five-star one which offers several types of dry food, low fat food and weight loss food

Castor and Pollux ? another brand found in most shops, offering wet food, dry food and also grain free food

Dogswell ? this is a brand that offers wet, dry and grain free food

Holistic ? this brand offers you natural food for your pet, of most types

Amicus Senior And Weight Management ? it is a 5 star dry food with only 12% fat

Pure Balance ? this product line has three dry food types, all meeting the necessary nutrient profiles

Wellness Core ? they offer six types of canned food, one for growth, three for adult maintenance and two for all stages

Evanger ? they offer seven types of canned food, four available for all stages and three supplements

Solid gold ? they also offer canned food, six types, five for all stages and one for adult maintenance

Taste of the wild ? this brand offers five grain-free canned products, all for growth and maintenance.

There are many more brands worth mentioning. Most of them are not specialized in a single type of food, covering sometimes the whole range of products available for dogs.

Choosing the number one for your dog must not just be related to this type of ranking. Dogs have different needs and it depends on the breed, age, condition, if yours is staying outside or inside, and many other factors.

Also, give your dog the chance to choose. What you might find appropriate and good for him, he might not enjoy a single bit. Forcing him to eat will not take you anywhere than to the vet.

Make sure to create a balanced diet for your dog and offer him exactly the nutrients that he needs, in the right amount.

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