Child and Animal Safety

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Child and Animal Safety

Dogs are just like little babies. They drool, cry, make a mess, play, chew on stuff they shouldn?t and most important, they love you. But there comes a time when you may want to expand your family. Maybe have a baby? If you do decide on having your very own bundle of joy, there are a few things you should know if you already own a pet.

Although babies get along really well with animals, it is best that you separate them from time to time. This measurement is for their safety, as both are very unpredictable. A baby tends to grab and pull stuff, while a pet tends to protect itself from actions that seem to harm him.

Before bringing the newborn home, you should pet proof your household. That may include putting up gates, to separate your dog from reaching the maternity room, and moving its bed and food bowls in a different area of the house. After the baby is home, take time to introduce the new family member to your pets and let them know that you love them just the same. It is very important that your pet understands that nothing changed, because that?s the way you avoid jealousy. And last but not least, you should always be present during bonding time.

In case you already have children, than there are other safety measures you should take. Although he is used to the pets you have, there are situations when your child should be precautious. It is always tempting to pet a dog or a cat he sees on the street, but not all of them are friendly. Traumatized animals tend to react in an aggressive manner to protect themselves.

Here are a few helping tips you should share with your children to avoid animal attacks:

1. The animal is sleeping or eating
If you see them eating or sleeping, don?t think of touching or petting. Let them finish with what they are doing and only afterwards proceed with what you wanted to do. Disturbing an animal while it is eating is a dangerous action, as they will react to protect their food. As for the sleeping part, they are just like us. They get startled and will tend to bite and scratch.

2. Don?t be mean!
If you are taunting and teasing them, then you shouldn?t be surprised if they jump right at you. Like humans, pets can also react to abusive treatment. If you can?t be nice to them, then just leave them alone and mind your own business.

3. Look at those cute puppies/kittens!
Of course they are adorable, but be careful because the mother can be very near them and usually they become very protective with their babies. If you see the mommy wrinkle her nose when you reach for her babies, it is best that you slowly retreat.

4. He?s coming right at me! What should I do?
If you?re on your bike and a dog is chasing you, whatever you do don?t pedal faster. Keep calm, dismount it facing the animal and don?t make eye contact. Keep the dog in your sight, but don?t look him in the eye. He will slowly lose interest and go away.

If you can manage to teach your pets and kids what they can and can?t do, then you are keeping them both safe.

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