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What Do Cat Charities Do? Getting a new cat is a beautiful experience, their unconditional love is heartwarming, yet unfortunately there are many people that do not exactly realize that getting a pet comes with certain responsibilities.

Thus, unfortunately, there are cases of people abandoning cats and kittens as they can either no longer care for them, or maybe they realize they are just not ready to take on the commitment, etc.

Also cats that are not neutered or spayed will have quite a number of offspring so all in all, it turns out that there are a lot of abandoned kittens and mature cats as well, yet fortunately there are also cat charities that take a stand in the matter.

What does a cat charity usually do? Well, most of these organizations will deal with three aspects: homing, as in finding a suited home for cats; spaying or neutering; providing information so people better understand cats and their needs and behavior.

A cat charity is mostly functional through volunteers, people that love these feline friends and want the best for them. At these facilities, cats are cared for, if they are sick or injured they receive treatment, and they are put out to adoption.

These facilities also promote cat spaying or neutering, as it is a very important aspect in controlling the number of abandoned kitties. They also make it easier for owners of cats that have a lower budget to spay or neuter their feline friends - they help with the procedure costs. Spaying or neutering is the most effective way of controlling the feline population, and unfortunately there are cases in which the cats are spayed or neutered too late in life, after they have produced already at least one litter of kittens. Cat charities recommend for this procedure to be done sometimes as early as four months of age or even younger.

Cat charities manage to support the neutering process in a number of ways, and one of these ways is through volunteer branches, where volunteers advise owners about the process, they trap feral cats and take them to vets to get neutered, they attend events in this matter, they care for the cats after the procedure.

Cat charities also support smaller charities, in giving vouchers for neutering cats.

They provide information not only through their websites, but also through helplines, and of course, in person.

Many feline-related topics are addressed by cat charities, providing information about: adopting a cat, stray cats, how to better care for your feline friend, giving up your cat in case you really have no other option, or, if you are a cat lover and wish for a better life for these majestic animals, you can even get information about how to become a volunteer at a cat charity.

Some cat charities have quite a number of volunteer run branches, as well as many adoption centers where the felines are cared for and kept in clean and comfortable conditions. Some even have online pet shops and not only this, but they can also advise you in matters of cat products or food, etc. you wish to buy your feline friend.

Cat charities save and care for thousands of cats and kittens, so if you wish to be part of the solution, do not hesitate to participate in any way you find to be suitable.

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