The Ibizan Hound

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The Ibizan Hound – An Agile Hunter and a Loving Clown for All Family Members

The Ibizan Hound is a rare and ancient medium-sized breed of dogs originating in Ibiza, Spain, where it was used for hunting small game. Some experts believe that this breed has evolved from the primitive Egyptian hunting dog. It has been recognized by the AKC since 1979. Females are considered better hunters than males, but both are agile dogs which can hunt on all terrains. This breed looks similar to the Pharaoh Hound, but it is a bit larger. It is renowned as an escapologist, being able to jump very high from a stand still. This elegant breed also enjoys acting like a clown, to the delight of its family members, especially children.

In terms of general appearance, the Ibizan Hound resembles a graceful deer, with an athletic outline and fine boned body, lean and long neck, big, amber-colored and very expressive eyes and upright, large triangular ears. Its nose is typically light tan/rose-colored. Its average height is 24-29 inches and its average weight is 45-65 pounds. This breed comes in two varieties: smooth-haired and wire-haired (which also includes the long-haired variation), the former being the most common type. The color of its coat is a mix of red and white on its face, neck, forelegs, hind legs and tip of the tail. Its feet are known as hare-footed, with very long toes, which help this breed support its weight better when running on harsh terrain.

These dogs are very energetic, alert, affectionate, gentle and faithful to its owner and they are famous for their ballerina-like, graceful swirls and leaps. They love to show off in front of their family and they are wonderful with children. Most owners appreciate their entertaining buffoonery and consider this breed fun to have around. Although they are quite calm, the Ibizan hounds will bark if sensing danger; these dogs are wary of strangers and make great watchdogs. They are excellent with other dogs and with smaller animals too, if properly socialized as puppies. They enjoy physical activities with their family members, but they do not like to be excessively cuddled. They should not be left in a kennel, because they are very active and require a lot of exercise. They are suitable to live in an apartment as long as you respect their need for physical activity. Due to its innate prey drive, you should always keep them on leash when you walk them. They are very clean dogs.

If kept in a fenced courtyard, then you should secure a high fence because this breed can easily jump over or climb a medium-sized fence. It has a tendency to run away, especially when a scent is picked up. Obedience training can be achieved very quickly, because this breed is very intelligent and eager to please. The smooth-haired variety has a very short coat, which makes it very difficult to adjust to a very cold climate. Both varieties are very low maintenance in terms of grooming. Special attention should be paid to their ears, in order to make sure they are clean. This hound is a rugged breed and just like the other hounds, it does not suffer from hereditary diseases. This breed does not tolerate barbiturate anesthesia.

Adopt a rare Ibizan Hound and you will have an agile, intelligent, playful, high-spirited and loyal dog for all your family members.

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